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Rutgers Math REU

June 2–August 2, 2014

Move in day: June 1, 2014

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All dates are tentative

Prague, Czech Republic:
The planning of the international component will be determined once funding has been confirmed.

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Information for the 2014 REU Program:

The application for the 2014 REU program is now online. Projects will continue to be added throughout the application process. Please revisit the site to see if there are new projects posted.

For additional information about the REU program, contact the REU Coordinator at or 848-445-5930.

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The Rutgers Mathematics Department REU homepage.
The RISE homepage.
For REU opportunities nationwide: NSF.

I-Cubed Group Phillies Game CCICADA

REU Mentors

DIMACS, with National Science Foundation sponsorship, has offered an REU program since 1992. There are four associated REU programs:

We've consolidated the organization of the programs to create a larger interactive group experience for the participants and so that the programs may share a single coordinator. The source of funds to support the students and some of the departmental staff are separate for the DIMACS, the Math Department, and the CCICADA programs.

The DIMACS REU program is co-funded by the Department of Defense in partnership with the NSF REU program, by the Mathematical Association of America National Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program, and by the Advancing Graduate Education at Rutgers program.

Previous REU participants, projects and calendars:

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