General Information

Mountain View
Student: Netiphan Amphaiphan (Nan)
Office: CoRE 450
School: Khon Kaen University, Thailand
E-mail: netiphan.amp@hotmail.com
Project: On the Dophantine Equation x^2+D=kp^n

Project Description

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Weekly Log

Week 1:
This is the first time for me to go abroad. It was so excited! I met my mentor, Prof. Midge Cozzens, to discuss about my project. Although my mentor is not quite good that number theory, she looked for the number theory problems that suit for me and her ability. The problem I have choosen is the diophantine equation x^2+D=kp^n. I have read the paper of J.Stiller (see reference [1]) in the first week and prepared the first presentation to illustrate the overview of my research.
Week 2:
After I have finished Stiller's paper, I had some point that I didn't understand. I had the answer for it but I wasn't sure that is correct. I consulted with my mentor and she thought like me. Then she guided me another way to find something interesting. I should have done the experiment before meeting her next time.
Week 3:
In this week, I had no any meeting with my mentor but I had to do my research. As her advise, I did the experiment and wrote it down in the paper but I didn't see something interesting. I used Maple for plotting the graphs. I plotted two graphs in the same plane and wanted it to show the integral interceptions but I didn't know what's that command. I try to find the command but I got nothing.
Week 4:
I met my mentor to discuss some results that I had got. It was interesting and I meant to solve it. My mentor gave me the new paper which is probably useful for my work. It was very long and tough paper but I would try my best to understand it.
Week 5:
I talked to my Thai mentor via Facebook that I had got a new paper. I send it to her. She suggested that I should try to understand some algorithm in this paper because I probably applied this algorithm to work on my research.
Week 6:
Due to the long holidays, I spend a lot of time to rest e.g. party with REU friends and shopping. So, I didn't work a lot in this week. We had field trip to IBM on Thursday. It's a big research center. We walked around the center and attended the interesting talks.
Week 7:


[1] J.Stiller, The diophantine equation x^2+119=15*2^n has exactly six solutions . Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics. 26(1996), 295-298.


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