My name is Delta Lyczak but I go by Del. Please use they/them pronouns when referring to me. I’m an undergraduate student at Lafayette College and was a participant in the 2021 DIMACS REU program. You can contact me via email at delta.lyczak (at) rutgers (dot) edu

A cartoon image of Del wearing a tie-dye shirt and overalls


This summer (2021), I’m researching under Prof. Srinivas Narayana of Rutgers University. I’ll be researching high-speed internet packet-routing and using this site to document my findings. In general, I’ll be writing one post per week summarizing what I’ve found. A list of all posts can be found here:

Week One - Orientation

Week Two - Mininet

Week Three - MGR

Week Four - RMT

Week Five - OpenFlow and P4

Week Six - P4 L2 Forwarding

Week Seven - P4 IP Forwarding

Week Eight - P4 ECMP and Sketches

Week Nine - Conclusion


I’d like to thank Prof. Narayana for his mentorship, Rutgers for their DIMACS REU program, and the NSF OAC for their funding (via grant OAC-1925482).