DIMACS/Math Research Experiences for Undergraduates 2006

REU Final Presentations
CoRE 431/301

Wednesday, July 19, 2006
CoRE 431

10am-11:30am Lafayette REU presentations

11:30am-1pm Working Lunch with Dr. Barbara Bender (Associate Dean of Rutgers Graduate School)

1pm-3pm DIMACS REU presentations
The Nagger Mover Game
Natalia Cordova, University of Puerto Rico
Mentor: S. Muthukrishnan
Simulating Online Auctions
Benjamin Sowell, Carleton College
Mentor: S. Muthukrishnan
Statistical Methods of Signal Detection
Chris LaVallee, University of St. Thomas
Mentor: Ivan Zorych
Coloring k-sets
Adam Pantel, Rutgers University
Mentors: János Komlós, Simon Thomas, Paul Ellis
Kitty and the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
Steven Dubey, Columbia University
Rodney Gateau, Rutgers University
Mentors: Avy Soffer, Chris Stucchio
Associahedra and Multiplihedra
Anna Fuller, University of California, Berkeley
Eric Wayman, Rutgers University
Mentor: Chris Woodward
Polynomial Equations over Matrices, Part 1
Marla Slusky, Rutgers University
Mentor: Robert Wilson
Polynomial Equations over Matrices, Part 2
Michael Burger, Rutgers University
Mentor: Robert Wilson
Recovering the Hidden Axis of a One Dimensional Quantum Reflection Operator
Siwei Zhu, Rutgers University
Mentor: Mario Szegedy
On the number of permutations generating a path in the random tree process
Jan Hladký, Charles University
Mentors: Mario Szegedy, Rados Radoicic
The Pinning Number of Overlapping Rectangles
Josef Cibulka, Charles University
Alexandr Kazda, Charles University
Mentors: Mario Szegedy, Rados Radoicic

Thursday, July 20, 2006
CoRE 301

12pm - 3pm
The Deterministic Firefighter Problem: A New Conjecture
Elizabeth Gillaspy, Macalester College
Mentor: Kah Loon Ng
Probabilistic Firefighting on the Infinite Grid
Derek Seiple, Pennsylvania State University
Mentor: Kah Loon Ng
Evolution of Social Networks
Luke Postle, Gordon College
Mentors: Kah Loon Ng, Nina Fefferman
Infectious Disease in Schools
Jeremiah Rogers, Virginia Tech
Margaret Senese, Tufts University
Mentor: Nina Fefferman
Tree Parameters for Quadratic Binary Optimization
Alex Waldron, Harvard University
Mentor: Endre Boros
Inference on Small Samples
Judy Davidson, Rutgers University
Mentor: John Kolassa
siRNA Sequence Structure
Sohrab Shahshahani, Columbia University
Mentor: Stan Dunn
Tensor Decomposition of Microarray Data
Courtney Ward, California State University, Chico
Mentor: Stan Dunn
Reasonable Security Parameters for the HB and HB Plus Protocols
Kelsey Livingston, Smith College
Jennifer Tam, Tufts University
Mentors: Rebecca Wright, Susanne Wetzel
Graphs with Bounded Clique-Width
Jordan Volz, Bard College
Mentor: Vadim Lozin
Maximal Induced Matching
Ilia Izmailov, Princeton University
Mentor: Vadim Lozin
Mathematical Applications of Data Mining Algorithms: Support Vector Machines (SVMs)and Seizures
Jai Dhyani, McDaniel College
Mentor: Art Chaovalitwongse
Classification of Epileptic Brain Activity
Megan Olson, Winona State University
Mentor: Art Chaovalitwongse