Zuzka Safernová

REU 2009

Hello, welcome to my REU page. My name is Zuzka Safernová and I'm a student of the Faculty of Maths and Physics of Charles University in Prague. I'm interested in combinatorics and discrete geometry.

I'm here with Czech people. The other members of our research group are Ondra Bílka, Jozef Jirásek, Pavel Klavík, Pavel Paták, Jan Volec and Martin Tancer.

Our advisor is Aaron Jaggard.

The geometric problem

Our goal is trying to prove the following conjecture.


Let S be a set of points in the plane. Two points v and w in S are visible with respect to S if the line segment between v and w contains no other point in S.


For all integers k,l >= 2 there is an integer n such that every set of at least n points in the plane contains at least l collinear points or k pairwise visible points.

What is known:

The conjecture is trivial for l <= 3.

Kara et al. proved the conjecture for k <= 4 and all l.

Addario-Berry et al. proved the conjecture for k = 5 and l = 4.

Abel et al. proved the conjecture for k = 5 and all l.

The conjecture is open for k = 6 or l = 4.


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Jiri Matousek. Blocking visibility for points in general position, submitted, 2008.

Current state:

We were studying another problems, especially Vertex Cover and Coloring.