General Information

Student: Vijay Chaudhary
Office: CoRE 448
School: Howard University
E-mail: vijay.chaudhary@bison.howard.edu
Project: Experimental Designs for Walk Through Metal Detectors at Large Stadiums

Project Description

With this experiment, we are researching the performance of walk-through metal detectors in outdoor stadium settings. In particular, we are examining various factors such as test object and orientation to understand their effect on detection performance.Since we are dealing with different factors such as test object, security settings and orientations that can affect the detection performance, we are using combinatorial experimental design to minimize the necessary number of tests.

Weekly Log

Week 1:
I arrived at Rutgers on Sunday and spent the first day meeting my teammate and other the REU students. I attended the orientation session on Monday. The next day, I had meeting with my mentor, Dr. Christie Nelson where she gave us couple of readings to do for our first presentation. I did some literature reading to prepare our first presentation. On Thursday, I attended the CCICADA Research Group's meeting as well as the SAFETY ACT meeting. Thereafter, we finalized our presentation. We did the presenatation on Friday and started working on the experimental design of the project.

Week 2:
We worked on the background research on the walk through metal detectos and experimental design. I worked on finding the possible orientations for the test objects and did some literature reading on how the metal detectors work. I attended a lecture by Dr. Paul Kantor on Probability and Statistics. And I also attended a tutorial on Conditional Lower Bound by Tsvi Kopelowitz.

Week 3:
On Monday and Tuesday, we worked on the development and the rationale of our pilot experiments. On Wednesday, we started working with the metal detectors where we learned how to set up the WTMDs and use them. On Thursday, we attended the CCICADA Research Group's weekly meeting where we discussed our progress of our project. Later, we also attended the SAFETY ACT meeting where we recieved some suggestions for our experiments. We have been working on two pilot experiments, performing one in an outdoor setting on Friday.

Week 4:
Earlier this week, we did some pilot experiments on Height & Orientation, Gait and Proximity test. On Thursday, we attended the CICCADA Research Group's weekly update meeting and the SAFETY ACT meeting, where we finalized the experiments for our field work. On Friday, we went to Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford and performed our experiments.


Additional Information