General Information

Student: Tamar Lichter
Office: CoRE 442
School: Macaulay Honors College at Queens College, CUNY
E-mail: tamar(dot)lichter(at)macaulay(dot)cuny(dot)edu
Project: Gesture Password Authentication

Project Description

Determine if a keyboard can be used to improve the security and memorability of free-form gesture passwords. This project is supported by NSF grant CNS-1263082.

Weekly Log

Week 1:
Read several papers pertaining to the project. Met with my graduate student mentor, Gradeigh Clark. Completed an online course to become licensed by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative. Made slides for and practiced my presentation for next week.
Week 2:
Presented my project to DIMACS staff and the other REU students. Met with my mentor, Janne Lindqvist. Read more articles and wrote two documents summarizing the results and their relationship to our project, one in general, and one with respect to graphical passwords in particular. Built a "Hello World" Android application. Wrote a first draft of our experimental protocol.
Week 3:
Researched the Android Keyboard API as well as alternative keyboard implementations, and wrote up a list of viable implementation options for the keyboard component of our app. Built a prototype of one possible implementation. Worked on the experimental protocol.
Week 4:
Built two types of "view-only" keyboard apps, one for a QWERTY keyboard and one for a randomly permuted keyboard. Began looking into the Android Open Source Code for an implementation of gesture trails, as well as a previous gesture drawing app created by members of the lab.
Week 5:
Worked on implementing gesture trails for our app. Read up on Android touch and motion events, as well as onscreen drawing. Tried to isolate and run the subset of the source code responsible for gesture trails (which didn't work).
Week 6:
Continued work on implementing gesture trails for our app. Expanded the code to include the full AOSP LatinIME keyboard. Put together an app that can collect the points from a gesture stroke to prepare them for drawing.
Week 7:
Ran a prototype of the gesture trails animation. Updated the experimental protocol. Gave a presentation on my progress at the REU.
This project will continue into the fall semester. We will complete the app, run the experiment, and report the results.