General Information

Student: Sarah Huang
School: Barnard College
Major: Computer Science
E-mail: sth2127@barnard.edu
Project: Science Communication and Tweetorial Writing

Project Goals


Weekly Log

Week 1:

Gathered CHI 2020, UIST 2019, and CSCW 2019 proceedings and found 5-10 articles on science writing. Documented their goals/research questions, systems built, methods, and results.

Week 2:

Read each article in depth and took notes; discussed interesting aspects with Katy. Started presentation of literature review for Professor Chilton.
Week 3:

Continued working through presentation with Katy's feedback. Observed ShutDownStem on Wednesday. Began attending lab meetings with HCI group at Columbia.
Week 4:

Presented presentation to Lydia, went over revisions with Katy. Began to look for science communication articles and started weekly search for tweetorials.
Week 5:

Added more CSCW papers and began writing a related works section. Papers included: MepsBot, Heteroglossia, Lily, Adaptive Learning, r/science, and others. Reviewed topics for hooks to be used in preliminary study. Continue reading more literature and synthesize points made in science communication resources/write them into paper.
Week 6:

Switched to writing background section. Continued revising paper sections and write more hooks.
Week 7:

Began interviewing participants with the hook tutorial. Revised drafts to a working point.
Week 8:

Wrote a small amount of code to visualize results of study. Ran study with more participants on Thursday and Friday. Continued coding over weekend.
Week 9:

Worked on presentation and paper.

Additional Information


Thanks to my mentors Professor Lydia Chilton for their guidance, to the Craig Newmark Philanthropies for its funding, and to DIMACS for providing this opportunity.