General Information

Curtis McGinity
CoRE 734
Tulane University
Project Mentors:
Dr. Elsayed A. Elsayed & Dr. Minge Xie
Optimal Strategies for Port-of-Entry Inspection
Nuclear Threat Detection in New York City


This webpage contains information on research conducted during the summer of 2009 while working at Rutgers University with the following research groups:

  • Port-of-Entry (POE) Research Group
  • NYC Nuclear Detection Research Group

For more information about the research projects, please traverse the links to the right. For more information about the DIMACS REU program and the DIMACS Institute at Rutgers, please see below.


The DIMACS REU program offers talented young mathematicians the opportunity to work intensely on mathematical research projects during the summer. Each student is assigned a DIMACS mentor (or two) with whom to work on a unique research project, and in this way students are given a tantalizing taste of the pleasures and difficulties of both mathematical research and graduate school.

DIMACS Institute

The DIMACS Institute at Rutgers is one of the foremost research institutions in discrete mathematics and computer science. The DIMACS Institute is a collaborative project with several partners from academia and industry (including Princeton University, AT&T Labs, Bell Labs, the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, NEC Laboratories America, and Telcordia Technologies) to play a national leadership role in the development, application and dissemination of discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science. For additional information about the DIMACS Institute, check out their Mission Statement.

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