Raluca M. Ursu - DIMACS REU 2009

Contact Information:
Email: ursu22r at mtholyoke dot edu

About me
My name is Raluca Mihaela Ursu, and this was my webpage during my participation in the DIMACS 2009 REU at Rutgers University. I am currently a senior at Mount Holyoke College, MA, majoring in Economics and Mathematics. My current webpage is http://www.mtholyoke.edu/~ursu22r.

The Summer Project
My REU mentors were Professor Liviu Iftode and Professor Muthu Muthukrishnan from Rutgers University and Dr. MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi from AT&T Labs - Research. The team also included Rutgers graduate students Mangesh Gupte, Pravin Shankar and Lu Han.

The project focused on understanding the behavior of social network users with respect to news posting and propagation of information. To answer the question of why users propagate information on social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, we proposed a novel approach based on the key observation that users behave strategically. The main result stating that the spread of the news over an online social network exhibits a threshold behavior is included in our paper, which will appear in the Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Internet and Network Economics (WINE'09), Dec 2009.

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