Paul Alvarez's REU 2013 Web Page

About Me

Name: Paul Alvarez
Email: pcalv (at )eden (dot) rutgers (dot) edu pcalv (at) reu (dot) dimacs (dot) rutgers (dot) edu
Office: Hill 323
Home Institution: Rutgers University
Project: Statistical analysis of medical devices and their adverse effects

About My Project

Medical devices are subject to unforeseen failures. Beginning with data culled from user-submitted reports on their experiences with a given medical device, we will use statistical tools to detect patterns identifying links between a device and possible adverse effects. In this way, we hope to increase safety and expedite the process of assessing medical device defects.

Research Log

Week 1

I read Drs. Shetty and Dalal's paper on combing through PubMed publications to discern drug-side effect links; we extrapolate the concept to medical devices. It is immediately clear that carrying over the techniques is not straight-forward, owing to differences in the data set, among other things. I have begun to look at R, and am considering possible means of sorting our data.

I looked into making a clustering algorithm with either Python or C++.

Week 2

Switching gears, I began work on compiling and building a program that would implement our data clustering. Having done that, I am experimenting with what the program will accept as its input.

References & Links

Here are the papers I have read for my project:
  1. Using information mining of the medical literature to improve drug safety , Shetty, Dalal - JAMIA.
Here is my mentor's websites, and the REU website: