Picking Teams of Warfighters:
Beyond the Playground

DIMACS/DyDAn REU at Rutgers University, 2007

Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science and the Homeland Security Center for Dynamic Data Analysis

Nicole Scholtz
Denison University
Class of 2008
Mathematics and Computer Science

Mentor: Professor Nina Fefferman

Problem Description:

Each individual in the population has a set of skills in which he or she has some measurable level of competency. The skill requirements for each team are designed around the team's predetermined mission. Each team is selected from the population to meet that team's competency requirements, while maintaining as small a size as possible and ensuring that the team will be resilient. To measure resiliency under the loss of one member, there is another set of competency requirements, which we refer to as the bare minimum requirements (of the same or lesser value than the previous requirements). Each team has a set of bare minimum requirements, which needs to be met by that team when evaluated without any one of its members.