Exploring Notions of Momentum for Quantum Particles

About Me

Name: Marcus McLaurin
Email: mm3065@scarletmail.rutgers.edu
Home Institution: Morgan State University
Project: Exploring Notions for Momentum of Quantum Particles


About My Project

The goal of my project is to research the known notions for momentum in a quantum system and analyze the different possible meanings that these notions can hold. To


Weekly Summary

Week 1

My first week as an REU participant was very exciting.! I met many other participants, staff, and my mentor. So far I have been receiving information from my mentor on the basis of my research topic.

Week 2

For the second week I studied the derivations of the Founier transform and momentum operator provided by my mentor. I feel that I can see a path of how to address my research topic during this week. I began my first steps into my final report and began the LaTex file.

My mentor introduced many different concepts to address for my project so far. I think the first idea I will try to research is relationships between the momentum operator and the guiding equation.

Week 3


References & Links

Here are some of the resources I have read for my project:
  1. Particle Trajectories for Compton Scattering in One Space Dimension, Department of Mathematics, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey RutgersPaper.
Here are my mentor's websites and the REU website: