Marek Sterzik

REU 2007

Hello! I am a member of the group of Czech students participating in the Research Experience for Undergraduates at Dimacs, Rutgers. We are from DIMATIA, Charles University in Prague. More about me you can find on my personal homepage.

I study Mathematics -- Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorial Optimization on the Faculty of Maths and Physics of Charles University.

The other members are Bernard Lidicky, Jan Kyncl, Tomas Vyskocil, and our graduate coordinator Jan Foniok. nd also with Daniel Kral, who visited us at DIMACS for a period of two weeks.

Our advisors are Michael Saks, Eric Allender and Van H. Vu.


We are interested in two problems. In st-connectivity in logaritmic space and also in finding 6-critical graphs embeded in the Klein bottle. More about the problems you can find on the Jan's page.