Michael Boemo I am interested in problems that lie at the interface between structural biology and pure mathematics, with a principal concentration in DNA and protein topology.  My most recent study has focused on modelling DNA knotting and looping using a combination of knot theory and differential geometry.  We hope to apply these models to aspects of image processing and gene regulation. 

Currently, my research is supported by fellowships at the Fox Chase Cancer Center and Rutgers University (NSF REU).  In the autumn of 2012, I will continue my education as part of the Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Oxford.

Michael A. Boemo
University of Oxford, Christ Church College

E-mail: Michael dot Boemo at fccc dot edu
Additional information about my academic and professional activites may be found here

NSF REU Information
Advisor: Dr. Shabnam Beheshti, Rutgers University Department of Mathematics
Weekly Log

Introduction to Knot Theory

Careful - you didn't really knot your shoes this morning!  A brief introduction to knot theory.


Knotting in DNA

Need to recombine?  Why not knot?


Primer for Lengendrian Knot Theory

What can a R2 image tell us about an R3 knot?




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