Lukáš Lánský

Hello! I am a member of the group of Czech students participating in the Research Experience for Undergraduates 2010

My name is Lukáš Lánský, I study computer science at Faculty of Maths and Physics of Charles University in Prague. The other members of our group are Martin Böhm, Jozef Jirásek, Pavel Klavík, Bernard Lidický, Lukáš Mach, Vojtěch Tůma and also Daniel Král, who visited us at DIMACS for a period of one week.

Our advisors are Felix Lazebnik, Eric Allender.

4th June
I started to work on the first project on our list concercing some wildly interacting permutations. More details soon.
14th June
Achievement! Heptagonation of plane IS NOT possible!
17th June