General Information

Leilani Gilpin
CoRE 450
University of California, San Diego
Mathematics and Computer Science, DIMACS
Realization Relationships between Communication Models

Project Description

Distributed autonomous routing algorithms are used to reach a consistent, global solution after nodes iteratively and independently collect, process and share information. This work focuses on studying how the network-communication model affects algorithm convergence. Using the taxonomy formally defined in The Impact of Communication Models on Routing Algorithm Convergence, the hope is to further analyze how the algorithm convergence properties of different models in the taxonomy are related, and gain intuition about families of networks that oscillate.

Weekly Log

  • Week 1: Final exam preparation for UCSD.
  • Week 2: Final exams. Prepared for first presentation.
  • Week 3: I started reading into more theoretical network algorithm papers. I started reading the communication model paper by my mentors and began to contemplate follow up questions to tackle for my research. I also had my first educational meeting about the upcoming Prague exchange where we worked on some interesting graphical and combinatorial problems.
  • Week 4: I've been working on showing relationships between communication models in the Naughty Gadget network, an example network in The Stable Paths Problem and Interdomain Routing by Griffin, Shepherd, and Wilfong.
  • Week 5: I have started looking specifically at the REO model and went through concentrete examples of how this "delaying" can influence network model and oscillation.
  • Week 6: I am working on proving that REO cannot oscillate in Naughty Gadget. I am working on drafting a proof, but I am struggling with the specific path assignment that leads to a stable solution. In my "free time", I started studying for the general GRE test, and looked up potential graduate school programs.
  • Week 7:I worked on compiling my work into a final presentation. I also worked on formatting a couple of LaTeX files and started looking at the relationship between REO and REF.
  • Week 8:[Currently] I will be travelling to Prague to participate in the DIMATIA workshops, attend a special REU lecture series, and experience Czech culture.
  • Week 9: Prague continued.


Additional Information