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Student: Karen Lostritto
School: Brown University
E-mail: Karen_Lostritto@brown.edu
Mentor: Dr. Stanley Dunn, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Eulerian Graph Representation for siRNA Sequence Structure

RNAi is a posttranscriptional process which results in the knockout (silencing) of genes through the degradation of mRNAs. Being able to selectively and efficiently silence genes in somatic cells will allow for the determination of gene function. In addition, it will hopefully serve as a powerful tool in controlling and understanding disease. Technology using small interfering RNA (siRNA), a naturally occurring oligonucleotide, is being developed in order to further our knowledge of human gene function and disease.

mRNA and Protein Synthesis
Basic siRNA design
siRNA Efficiency and Specificty Algorithms
Graph Structures
Pancoska's algorithm and our current progress
Graph Properties