General Information

Student: Jude Ugiomoh
Office: CoRE 442
School: Texas Southern University
E-mail: olumhe@yahoo.com
Project: Accountability in Social Network

Project Description

This project is aimed at the study of existing accountability system, their properties, social networks and their user protection rules. This study will enable us detect the patterns of data misuse, and also give us a lead in answering some questions on accountability. I would be working with my mentor in studying existing accountability system and their properties, together with social networks and their related user protection rules, access restriction, usage-restriction to possibly identify further identity requirements/assumptions/restrictions.

Weekly Log

Week 1:
I arrived DIMACS on Sunday 3rd June, 2012. We were checked in and were given all the necessary materials to settle for the next 8 weeks. The week was lined up with activities which included orientation and seminars. I made contact with my mentor and was given all the necessary materials to prepare for my first presentation which was on Friday 9th June 2012. The presentation was about the research I would be working on, and what I intend to do within the next 7 weeks. I had my presentation on Friday and it was good as a first attempt, and we had a very nice picnic after the presentation
Week 2:
This week started with lots of activities which included seminars and a lot of reading. I attended the seminar on Random Geometric Graph, and another seminar on what makes a Math problem beautiful. I started an extensive study on the Facebook privacy policies, and other security parameters on Facebook alongside other social networks.
Week 3:
Its my third week at the DIMACS REU, it started with a field trip to IBM in York Town. We were given different lectures/seminar on research works. we were also taken round the facilities to see the Blue Gene, which is the current world fastest computer. It was an exciting trip and we had a lot to learn from it. Also, i had a meeting with my mentor alongside Dr. Aaron Jaggard and Dr. Rebecca Wright. It was a meeting to discuss the progress of my research, and the meeting exposed me to other areas to be explored alongside the next line of action. I am currently working on privacy policies on twitter and am expected to give a feedback next week.
Week 4:
It was a very busy week for me, had a meeting with Dr. Aaron Jaggard, Dr. Rebecca Wright and Dr. Lila Ghemri. The meeting was to discuss the progress of my research and I gave a feedback on my evaluation on twitter privacy policies. Suggestions were put up based on my report and what next to do. Also, I had to study game theory with Dr. Ghemri, as it involves an approach that would be used in evaluating the accountability measures that would be put in place.
Week 5:
Started the week with a field trip to the Cancer Institute of New Jersey where we had several lectures relating to bioinformatics. Had to study more on diaspora so I could come up with a possible suggestion to help check accountability in diaspora, and implement it within its open source code.
Week 6:
Itís the week before the final presentation, and I really do need to move at a fast pace to get this right. I have been able to come up with three proposals as to what privacy options should be used on diaspora network, and i would be working on one of these options. I also spent the week putting together commonalities and differences in the four OSNs, and this was based on aspects discussed on a related work on accountability by Feigenbaum et al.
Week 7:
This is the week where we have to give our final presentation, itís a presentation on what you have been working on since the beginning of the program, and it has to include your progress report if any, and how you intend to go about the problems you have discovered. I worked on my slides for the presentation, giving a detailed analysis on what has to be done, what we have done, and where we intend to go from there. After my presentation on Thursday, we had a banquet and we were addressed by Gene. Itís more like the program is coming to an end at a point where everyone is beginning to get used to themselves. I am going to miss everyone.
Week 8:
Its my last week at the program, and i have to submit a detailed report on my research, alongside rounding up everything in preparation to go.


Additional Information