Student:Jeremiah Rogers
School: Virginia Tech
E-mail:jeremiahr [@]
Mentor: Dr. Nina Fefferman, DIMACS and Tufts University

This summer I will be working with Dr. Nina Fefferman on a project along the lines of the "Behavioral Epidemiology" description below. This page will updated with relevant details as the project progresses.

Project Description: Behavioral Epidemiology

In infectious disease, the secondary spread of disease depends on contact with contagious individuals. Many mathematical models have investigated the various contact rates and thresholds that are required for epidemic outbreaks scenarios, however, these mainly use population-wide averages for contact rates. Assuming small, simplified population structures and contact networks, and limiting the number of behavioral options to something small (probably something like "health care workers" vs "non health care workers", and "single individuals", "individuals in nuclear families", and "individuals living communally" - like college students), it would be interesting to analyze the costs and benefits of healthcare seeking behavior under the assumption of centralized health care (i.e. no home visits) for both individual and 'total societal' protection.