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General Information

Student: Jitka Novotna
Office: 442
School: Charles University in Prague
E-mail: jnovotna@reu.dimacs.rutgers.edu
Mentor: James Abello
Projects: Dominating Sets on Colored Tournaments, Simplification of Inclusion-Exclusion formula

Project Descriptions

We are working on some open problems in graph theory and combinatorics. I participate in three projects.

Dominating Sets on Colored Tournaments

It is known that for one and two colors there is always a single dominator on a transitively colored tournament. We want to estimate an upper bound of the size of the dominating set depending only on the number of colors and not on the size of the graph.

Weekly Log

Week 1:

  • Introduction, definitions
  • Presentation

Week 2:

  • Visualisation of tournaments.

Week 3:

  • There are three edge disjoint triangles with graphs with three or more dominator.

Week 4:

  • It is sufficient to look at graphs having a Hamiltonian circle

Week 5:

  • Bridge workshop. Scribeing.