Josef Cibulka

REU 2006

Welcome! I'm student of computer science at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. This september I'm finishing the fourth out of five years of the undergraduate study. I'm interested in combinatorics and graph theory.

I'm working on the REU project together with Jan Hladky, Alexandr Kazda, Bernard Lidicky, Eva Ondrackova and Martin Tancer. The leader of our group is Vitek Jelinek.

Our advisors are Mario Szegedy and Rados Radoicic.

I am mainly working on the pinning-number problem described at Eva's webpage. I also participate on the problems from Bernard's and Alexander's pages.

Here are the slides from my presentation on czech history.

October 2006: Since the final presentations, I have been thinking about the problem that Adam Pantel presented and  I have found a construction of a coloring when n is odd (there has been only a probablistic proof of its existence until now).

I have already participated in the REU program last year - here is my webpage from that time.