Josef Cibulka

REU 2012

Welcome! I am the grad coordinator of the Czech part of the REU. I'm a PhD. student of computer science at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. I'm interested in combinatorics and combinatorial geometry. You can see more on my Prague webpage

The other members of the Czech group are Martin Balko, Ondra Bílka, Martin Böhm and Pavel Veselý.

Our advisors are James Abello and Milan Bradonjic.

Proceedings from the Czech part of the REU: DIMACS-DIMATIA International REU Research Experience for Undergraduates 2012, IUUK-ITI series 2012-569.

Introduction to Czech Republic (presentations from the Cultural day):

Project description

In addition to those described on other Czechs' pages, we spent some time looking at the following problems: Slides from my final presentation. See the above-mentioned proceedings for a corrected and improved version of the result.

I have already participated in the REU program twice, but only as a mere participant - 2005 and 2006 .