Student:Jonathan Bergknoff
School: Cornell University
E-mail:j0nathan [@]
Research Area: Quantum Optics
Project Name: Ionization of a two-level system
Mentor: Joel Lebowitz, Rutgers University

Project Description

We are interested in the probability of an atom ionizing in the presence of an electric field. The atom is to be modeled as having two bound states and a continuum of scattering states. In this model, ionization corresponds to an escape to the continuum. A potential with two attractive Dirac deltas has these features. Therefore we take the model Hamiltonian

for our two level system. The field coupling perturbation is an approximation to the dipole potential,

with the same odd symmetry. Here is the external field magnitude and the field frequency.

Then the Schrödinger equation must be solved where . There has been research conducted on this system before. Information is available on Ovidiu Costin's website, particularly papers 18-20.

Here is a description of my summer's work, which may be updated from time to time.