Student: Ixtli-Nitzin Sanchez
Office: CoRE 434
School: San José State University
E-mail: ish.sanchez12[at]gmail[dot]com
Project: Developing mathematical and statistical algorithms applied to Sustainablity

About Me

I am a rising junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science at San Jose State University in San Jose, California. When I am not studying or doing homework I enjoy working on various robotic projects some examples of such projects include: line follower robot, segway, robotic arm controlled via Android phone, quadcoptor, and many more with my Robotics club. I am adamant and enthusiastic that my summer at DIMACS will provide me with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Project Description

This summer at DIMACS I will developing mathematical and statistical algorithms for getting from point A to point B. The algorithms generated will then be implemented into an iPhone application. The state of New York will be the first test trail for these algorithms using the open source geospatial data provided by Open Street Map.

Weekly Log

Week 1: I began the week by meeting with my mentor and graduate mentor, reading papers, learning about software, and downloading the necessary software for this project. On Friday I had my first student presentation in which I had the opportunity to speak about my summer research project.
Week 2:The research continues and this week I examining different routing algorithms that people in the past have made. The most interesting routing algorithm that I came across was called Dijkstra's algorithm , made by a Dutch computer scientists named Edsger Dijkstra. This week I had my first DIMACS/DIMATIA BRIDGE Workshop with the students that I will be traveling to Prague with and the Czech students, that are here in New Jersey for the summer. The two-hour session consisted of several problems related to Graph Theory, Combinatorics, and Discrete Mathematics.
Week 3:The week initially began with a field trip to IBM, where we heard speakers talk about a variety of research topics being worked on there, including cryptology, parallel processing, and Watson. I also read several papers this week on path planning algorithms some of which speak about Breadth First Search, Depth First Search, and A*. Besides researching the various path planning algorithms avaialble on the internet, I have also been examining different path planning optimization schemes and the assumptions involved with each optimization.
Week 4: On the New York State Transportation Federation Traffic Department website I found all New York City hourly traffic data for 2009-2002. I am currently writing a C program to organize and convert the data to a format that will be used for routing.
Week 5: At the beginning of the week I gave a presentation on the Reminants of Aztec Culture in Today's Society for Cultural day. During my presentation I discussed some basics about Aztec culture and the origins of my Aztec name which means Noble-Messenger. On the New York State Transportation Federation Traffic Department website they have an excel file that correlates new york streets to longitude and latitude locations. I then wrote a C program to use this new longitude and latitude information to replace the street names for the original hourly text file that I found during week 4. To gain a better understanding of traffic data that I have I am using GraphStream to visualize the data that I have.
Week 6: This week I met with my mentor and graduate mentor in which we discussed plans to use google map's API routing program in conjunction with the traffic data
Week 7: The week consisted of two final presenations one for the DIMACS Reu and the other for the RiSE program. For these both of these final presenations, which can be viewed below in the presentations folder, I discussed the culmination of the research work I did this summer. My time during this last week here at Rutgers University was also used to discuss with my mentor and graduate mentor the areas that present an opportunity for future investigation.
Week 8: I am one of the five students that will be leaving to Prague, in the Czech Republic, at the beginning of this week. I have never been to Prague and I look forward to spending the next two and half weeks there attending the DIMATIA workshops, a special REU lecture series, and experiencing the Czech culture.

Presentations Introductory Presentation Final Presentation

My Mentor: Dr. Eugene Fiorini