Eva Jelínková

REU 2008

Hello! I am the graduate coordinator of the Czech group participating in the Research Experience for Undergraduates at DIMACS, Rutgers. We are from DIMATIA, Charles University in Prague. The other members are Ondra Bílka, Tomáš Gavenčiak, Zuzka Safernová, Petr Škoda, Jan Volec, and a graduate student Vítek Jelínek.

We are working under the supervision of Mario Szegedy, Dan Cranston and Padmini Mukkamala.

I study Computer science -- Discrete Models and Algorithms on the Faculty of Maths and Physics of Charles University. I am in the second year of the PhD study. My interests are graph theory, combinatorics, computational complexity and stable matchings. My thesis copes with the computational complexity of Seidel's switching of graphs.

Research Problems

We are working together on the following problems.

The chromatic number of a graph with independent crossings

This problem is described in detail on Tomáš's website. The problem is contained in the paper Chromatic Number, Independence Ratio, and Crossing Number by M. O. Albertson. Very recently, the problem was solved independently by D. Král' and L. Stacho.

Reversing permutations with minimum cost

This problem is described in detail on Jan's website. Currently, we are writing up several our results and observations we made.

The expected bisection problem

This problem is described in detail on Zuzka's website. It is related to the problem of estimating the number of k-sets of a configuration of points in the plane. There are several papers (collected by Vítek) that are related to it.

Geometric graphs without convex quadrilaterals

This problem is described in detail on Ondra's website.

Recognizing Graphs of Kelly-Width at most 3

This problem is described in detail on Tomáš's website. These are several papers related to it:

You may also want to visit my homepage.

My presentation about the Czech language during REU 2004.

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