DIMACS Summer 2014

General Information

Student: Emmanuel Ekwedike
Office: CoRE 446
School: The City College of New York
E-mail: emmanuel.ekwedike [at] rutgers.edu
Project: Extension of the Verifiable Keyword Encrypted Search

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Research Interests

Optimization theory, operations research, security systems and mathematical modeling.

Project Description

Verifiable search on encrypted files is motivated by the recent surge toward cloud storage. A weak client with storage limitations can delegate the burden of data processing to the cloud. For a secured delegation, a client must have the ability to efficiently verify the results of the server for any arbitrary query.

There are some protocols in the literature dealing with verifiable keyword encrypted search, which can handle verification for a single keyword query. However, these existing protocols do not support expressive queries. On the other hand, there are searchable symmetric encryption (SSE) protocols that do support Boolean queries, but do not have verification component.

The aim of this project is to develop efficient protocols to verifiably perform searches over outsourced encrypted database with full security guarrantee. Specifically, we extend two SSE protocols (OXT and MC-OXT) by adding verification steps. These new verification features would allow a client to efficiently verify whether the server faithfully executed a search operation or not.

This project has real world applications in cybersecurity. For example, ecrypted verifiable search is important during intelligence sharing between two or more disparate groups.

This project is joint work Whitney Drazen .

Weekly Log

First week (May 26th - May 30th)

Second week (June 2nd - June 6th)

Third week (June 9th - June 13th)

Fourth week (June 16th - June 20th)

Fifth week (June 23th - June 27th)

Sixth week (June 30th - July 4th)

Seventh week (July 7th - July 11th)

Eighth week (July 14th - July 18th)

Ninth week (July 21th - July 25th)

Tenth week (July 28th - August 1st)


Reference List

Non-Technical Research Report

  • Efficient Verifiable SSE

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