DIMACS/DyDAn REU at Rutgers University
Summer 2007

Network Model of the Spread of Infectious Disease in a Prison

Anne Eaton
Advisor: Professor Nina Fefferman

I am working on a network model of CRAF (Central Reception and Assignment Facility), a prison in the New Jersey State prison system.
My partner, Johanna Tam, is modelling the same population using a more traditional SIR compartamental model.

Network modelling is a fairly new type of epidemic modelling where we explicitely take into account the contact patterns between individuals.

If you want to learn more about network modelling, I really recommend this webcast by Lauren Ancel Meyers. It is an hour and a half long and you will need to download the viewer, Envivo, but it's a great introduction to the topic.
For those of you with more math background, here are two good papers to get you started:
Spread of epidemic disease on networks by M. E. J. Newman
Netwrok theory and SARS: Predicting outbreak diversity by Lauren Ancel Meyers, Babak Pourbohloul, M.E.J. Newman, Danuta M. Skowronski, and Robert C. Brunham

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Anne Eaton
Grinnell College Class of 2008

Thanks to DIMACS, DyDan, the NSF, Rutgers and the New Jersey Department of Corrections.