General Information

Student: Diana Oliff
School: Rutgers University
E-mail: dianaol123@gmail.com
Project: Exploring the K-theory Class of 3-dimensional Matrices of Rank Less Than One

Project Description

Will be updated soon, when I am done with the background material for my project.

Weekly Log

Week 1:

Suppose you have an affine space C and a subspace W. Let I be the ideal with polynomials that are zero at all points of W. Let A(W)=C[X]/I. My mentor and I discussed sequences of the form 0-->F1-->F2-->F3-->...-->Fn-->C[X]-->A(W)-->0. We also discussed groups actions, and talked about making the above sequence respect a group action imposed on the modules. Dr. Buch gave me several problems and asked me to find a sequence in the form above, and to modify it to respect group actions.

I also gave my first presentation.

Week 2:
Dr. Buch discussed graded modules with me, and we discussed forming sequences as in week 1 that respected the grading. We also mentioned that this can be translated to a sequence that respects a certain type of group actions. I worked on repeating the examples from last week, except trying find sequences that respect the grading instead of group actions. We also discussed what a k-theory class is.

Week 3:

We discussed the background from last week in much more detail, with an empathsis on theory and why gradings work, as opposed to simply finding the necessary sequence. We worked out the examples from last week in detail, and examined the k-theory classes.


Additional Information