Dibyo Roy's Web Page

Email: dibyo.roy[at]gmail.com

Office: CoRE-634

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gyan Bhanot

School: Rutgers University


Project Title: Understanding the role of germline selection on patterns of linkage in HapMaP III data

We will develop simple models of germline selection to explain the linkage disequilibrium (correlations) seen in the HapMaP III data. This will involve making simple models and running simulations of these in Matlab.

Intro Presentation

Final Presentation

Weekly Log

Week 1: Arrived at Rutgers University. Introduced to Assignment/ Project for duration of REU Program.

Week 2: Familiarized myself with MATLAB software and learned specific techniques. Created, prepared, and presented introductory Powerpoint presentation.

Week 3: Attended BioMaPS Institute 3-day workshop/ lecture series on various advances made in the field. Also began creating basic sequences in MATLAB.

Week 4: Continued to create sequences and began "mutating" them so as begin working on new generations of population.

Week 5: Created loop that would initialize population. Worked on allowing loop to produce multiple generations from initial population.

Week 6: Configured loop to produce mutliple generations. Began trying to incorporate mutation rates in offspring.

Week 7: Having difficulty with commands to incorporate mutation rates. Also trying to manipulate reference sequence to reflect changing fitness levels of individuals in population. Finalized model and held back mutations/changing reference sequence to be incorporated in the future. Gave Final Presentation.

Week 8: Working on mutating offspring sequences again.

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