Robert Davis
Rutgers University
DIMACS REU Summer 2008

Project title: Optimization of Sequencing and Threshold Levels of Detection Systems

Mentors: Dr. E. A. Elsayed and Dr. Ming Xie

With: Mingyu Li, Christina Young, and Yada Zhu

Abstract: This project considers a problem of container inspection at the port of entry. Every year, millions of containers are imported overseas. These units must be deemed acceptable or suspicious before entering the United States, but manually checking each one is highly impractical. Thus, the shipments are subjected to various forms of testing and then are either allowed to move freely inside the country or be manually inspected. Testing checks for a number of attributes that could indicate the potential presence of illegal materials such as weaponry, contaminated food, and drugs. Additionally, there are additional costs that come with errors being made or multiple tests at particular sensors. The objective of this project is to optimize the testing policies while minimizing cost.

Abbreviations used

cr - cost of repeated inspections

mre - multiplier of repeated inspection error

pfa - probability of a false accept

pfr - probability of a false reject

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