Optimal Allocation and Scheduling of Inspection Operations Under Multiple Risk Categories
Darlena Kern
Home Institution: Pepperdine University
Research Partner: Renee Clarke
Mentors: E.A. Elsayed, Minge Xie

Weekly Updates

Welcome to my REU page.

Description of project: "Containers arriving at ports may contain undesirable contents such as drugs, radioactive material or chemical and biochemical agents. Inspection of a fraction of these containers (randomly or based on some risk factor) might lead to an improved security system. Clearly, there is a probability that a container with undesirable contents might enter into the system without detection or a "clean" container might be subjected to a thorough inspection.... The objective of this project is to determine the optimum inspection strategy and container inspection sequence that minimize the occurrence of the above probabilities as well as the delay of releasing the container at the port. Approaches such as the development of adaptive threshold levels of the inspection sensors based on the assigned risk factor might prove to an efficient inspection strategy. The research investigates new and efficient inspection strategies." -From Proposed Projects page

Renee and I will be addressing this problem and building upon the work of a former Ph. D. student, Christina Young. We hope to add the element of earliness to her model and find the optimum sequencing and allocation using a genetic algorithm.