General Information

Student: Cherre Jefferson
Office: 536
School: Morgan State University, Mathematics Major
E-mail: chjef1@morgan.edu
Project: Periodic Orbits

Project Question

Arbitrarily label the sides of the triangle 0, 1, 2 and consider the sequence of integers modulo 3 given by the successive bounces of a billiards trajectory. Clearly periodic trajectories yield periodic sequences. For example, the sequences 01020102... is given by the period 4 orbit (1, 1). If {an} is a periodic mod 3 sequence, is {an} given by some billiards trajectory?

Problem was presented in the paper, " Periodic Orbits for Billiards on an Equilateral Triangle ". Authors: Andrew M. Baxter and Ronald Umble

Weekly Log

Week 1:
Move into Richardson apartment. Meet mentor and figure out a research question.
Week 2:
Work on the first presentation. Begin filling out graduate school applications.
Week 3:


Additional Information