Brad Bentz, DIMACS REU 2016



General Information

Student: Brad Bentz
Office: Core 448
School: Brown University
E-mail: brad_bentz(at)
Mentor: Periklis Papakonstantinou

Project Description

I will be trying to improve the bound of Alon-Roichman (1994) for certain sequences of groups.

Weekly Log

Week 1:
This week I created a presentation describing my project and started studying the general fields of mathematics and computer science related to my topic as well as reading several papers relating to my topic.
Week 2:
I finished reading papers relating to my topic and met with my advisor to decide on what exactly we would be trying to prove and how we would start to prove it.
Week 3:
I wrote code in the GAP programing language and mathematica to numerically test out some of my conjectures.
Week 4:
I continued writing code, testing my conjectures numerically and began an indepth study in to the particular sequence of groups I will be looking at.