General Information

Student: Andrew Wells
Office: CoRE #446
School: The Catholic University of America
E-mail: REMOVE awells AT reu DOT dimacs DOT rutgers DOT edu CAPS
Project: Robotics Motion Planning Using Sampling Based Planners

Project Description

My research centers around motion planning, particularly with kinodynamic systems.

Weekly Log

Week 1:
Read papers of Kostas et alterum. Presented the work Plaku and I just published to Kostas's group. Extended Andrew's work on PNO to tree-based planners. Presented to the REU group.
Week 2:
Read more papers. Ran some simulations for the probability calculated last week. Began work on paths in different homotopy classes.
Week 3:
Combing through Andrew Dobson's paper, which will hopefully be expanded to include my result from last week. Came up with several possible approaches to motion planning in multiple layers. Working on desiging an acceptable algorithm for discovering shortest paths in different homotopy classes.
Week 4:
Investigate some ideas Kostas had. They seemed to be too diffcult to implement efficiently. Began discussing them with Dr. Plaku, who is willing to collaborate.
Week 5:
Had 4-way meeting with Erion, Kostas and Andrew (Dobson). Came up with a plan that seems feasible and started implementing the framework for our ideas in Dr. Plaku's codebase.

Presentations or Publications

Additional Information