DIMACS Summer 2014

General Information

Student: Atl Arredondo
Office: CoRE 450
School: San Diego City College
E-mail: atlsaber [at] reu dot dimacs dot rutgers
Project: REU-Pedia

Project Description

The purpose of our project is to take a graph based approach to data representation in a way that hasn't been tried before. We plan to develop a system where we can input any data that will create a ?card? abstraction that can be applied to any topic. By developing this system, we hope to establish a better method for users to find and visualize information about any data they desire. We will be testing our mechanism by creating a database of REU projects, and seeing the relationship between the different cards. In order to make our project more attractive, we will be developing a trading mechanism, where users can interact by collecting and trading these cards. Value to the cars will be assigned depending on popularity and demand of the card. Cards will be exchanged in a virtual system where coins will be the currency among the users.

Weekly Log

Week 1:
Worked on description and preliminary structure of the object. Start developing a preliminary project that contains elements of the final Project
Week 2:
Map representation of World Cup data, using the Unfolding API. Develop world cup country diagram and voting mechanism database using Apache POI API to read and write data. Different methods of representaing the voting and ranking data of the World Cup countries using map graphical elements.
Week 3:
-Build the trading card mechanism for the World Cup Pre-Project. -Create the Graphic User Interface for the user with Java Swing and implement the use of buttons and labels, to add listeners to the program. -Create the functions for buying, selling and trading players within the project. -Include this partition of the project into the overall project.
Week 4:
-Change Graphic User Interface to a more minimalistic and user friendly interface. -Incorporate elements of currency exchange and gather information from the player database. -I started with the actual project by gathering and analyzing data from the DIMACS REU Projects. -Create a program to get the Jaccard coefficient of the 403 projects, using stop world to get a more accurate result.
Week 5:
-Work on word weigth similarity on the title of every DIMACS Project. -Word Weigth program to chek frequency of particular words inside each one of the projects. -JSON file program creation for Graph representation based on jaccard coefficient spreadhseet. -First graph representations with DIMACS REU Data.
Week 6:
-JSON file program to create a file containing each project by their own properties for data administration. -Complete final Jaccard Index spreadsheet with all REU projects. -Work on Javascript project card website to import JSON information into the card website. -Create JSON file with every project as nodes with year information and edges based on jaccard index spreadsheet.
Week 7:
-Start the developing of the trading mechanism in JavaScript using the elements of the World Cup Players Trading Interface -Implement the card interface from the Graph Abstraction -Add functionality to the elements in the Trading Interface, such as buttons and click events. -Use the cluster parts of the graphs to make the trading interface
Week 8:
. -Add the dragging card functionality to the trading interface. -Incorporate graphic relations between the cards that are in use at the time of the sell, trade and buy events. -Change label information to make the interface user friendly. -Work on the interface flow chart and final details of the interface for debugging.


Additional Information