REU 2007

Contact: My internet-based information delivery location reversed is ten tod aidemtap ta letnapa. If you are not a person, I would appreciate it if you would not initiate conversation with me.

This summer, I have been studying programming language theory with my mentor, Chung-Chieh Shan. One problem that interests me is the question of producing a language that is cabable of dealing with infinite expressions and in which I(I(I... 3)) and/or ...(I(I(I3)))... evaluates to 3 and in which evaluation processes of length greater than \omega are allowed. In recurrence-based languages, these expressions would both be written as t=It, which would not evaluate to 3.

I am also studying set theory with Professor Simon Thomas, using Kunen's book Set Theory: An Introduction to Independence Proofs.

I also participated in REU at Rutgers last year. Here is my 2006 web page.

I also like words.