Matthew Allinder

REU 2010

Hello, welcome to my REU page. My name is Matthew Allinder and I'm a student of Mathematics at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

My advisors are Dr. Gene Fiorini and Dr. Tami Carpenter .


I am working on mathematically modeling various approaches and theories of leadership. Here is my intro presentation.


6/28/10 - I am doing background readings on systems dynamics and modeling to get a better understanding of how I am going to model my problem.

7/7/10 - After much discussion and brainstorming, the leadership theory I will be applying is the Path-Goal Theory of Leadership. The theory states that the effectiveness of a leader is contingent on the satisfaction, motivation, and performance of subordinates. The leader engages in behaviors that encourage subordinates to use their abilities and compensate for what they lack. The leaders are flexible and change their style based on situations. In simple terms, they go down whatever path necessary to influence the subordinates to achieve the main goal in the end. The four main behaviors a leader exhibits are directive, supportive, participative, and achievement-oriented. Each is implemented depending on the difficulty/amibiguity of the task and whether or not the subordinate is confident in his/her ability to perform or needs direction.

A model that I've decided upon is that of a football team attempting to score points. I will position the quarterback as the leader and observe how the quarterback, implmeneting a specific behavior, leads the team to score.

7/16/10 - Here is my closing presentation. I will be continuing to work for the remainder of the Summer and the Fall semester to build the final model(s) and draw any general conclusions I can about the effectiveness of the Path-Goal Theory.