Alexandr Kazda

I am one of the students who came to Dimacs from Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Prague.

REU projects

My REU work concentrated on two problems: the pinning number of a set of rectangles (see Eva's page) and the random tree process.

We did not manage to solve eighter problem, but achieved at least partial results. Final presentation on the rectangles summing up our results.

Important REU characters

Our mentor was Mario Szegedy.

My Czech colleagues were: Vit Jelinek (graduate coordinator), Josef Cibulka, Jan Hladky, Bernard Lidicky, Eva Ondrackova and Martin Tancer.

Fun, games and Prague

Eva, Martin, Vitek and me have organized a Labyrinth game for REU students. You are free to look through the resources.

My presentation for a talk about Prague.

Links & contacts

My home page (in czech). My e-mail is <login name> (yes, that means "alexak") at atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz