Project: Polytopes Involving Symplectic Geometry and Homotopy Theory
Student:Anna Fuller
School:University of California, Berkeley
E-mail: annaruth [@]
Mentor:Christopher Woodward, Professor of Mathematics, Rutgers University
Research Partner:Eric Wayman, Rutgers University

About Me

This fall, I will be a junior at the University of California, Berkeley where I am studying pure mathematics.

At UC Berkeley, I created and helped facilitate a mathematics seminar for undergraduates. It is called "Not So Many Cheerful Facts." The general idea behind this seminar is to provide a place for undergraduates to discuss math without having to tackle graduate level math courses first. The seminar is open to anyone who has completed the lower division requirements in mathematics.


July 19, 2006: Here is the link to our final presentation at the REU. A paper detailing all that we have learned will be coming to this website very soon!

July 12, 2006: This is a picture of the associahedron K_5, formed by bracketing five variables (image is taken from ):

June 30, 2006: A very rough draft of a paper detailing what we have learned so far can be found here .

June 20, 2006: A presentation that Eric Wayman and I gave on our work so far can be found here .

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