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General Information

Student: Alexander Crowell (
Office: CoRE 446
School: Rutgers University
Faculty Advisor: Danfeng Yao, Computer Science Department
Project: Detecting drive-by-downloads using human behavior patterns

Project Description

In the previous year, an REU project investigated the similarities and differences in HTTP periodicity between botnet command and control traffic and legitimate web server traffic in order to detect running botnets. In this project we seek to apply a similar approach to the problem of drive-by-downloads, where a malicious web page installs software on the user's computer without their permission, in that we investigate the similarities and differences between user-permitted downloads and drive-by-downloads. Studying human behavior patterns to differentiate between legitimate downloads and malicious ones and investigating how difficult it is for the malicious sites to fool our detection mechanisms, we seek to create a reliable system for detecting and preventing drive-by-downloads.

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