General Information

Student: Gina Collins
School: Grove City College
E-mail: angelina.x.collins@gmail.com
Project: Fine Art with Polynomials and Polynomiography
Mentor: Dr. Bahman Kalantari

Project Description

Dr. Bahman Kalantari, a professor of computer science at Rutgers University, has developed a relatively new field of study known as polynomiography. By definition, polynomiography is the fine art and science of visualizing a polynomial equation. Through the use of the polynomiography software, Dr. Kalantari has created several images that can be classified as works of fine art. In the course of this project, Dr. Kalantari and I hope to expand the application of polynomiography to the fine arts and create works of art inspired directly from the software. We also aim to make the mathematical concepts behind polynomiography more accessible to the general public though artistic expression.

Weekly Log

Week 1(June 13-June 17):
I met with Dr. Kalantari to discuss concept designs and received an introduction to the polynomiography software. After reviewing some of the designs constructed by Dr. Kalantari, I drew a few preliminary sketches based upon some of the recurring patterns and began constructing my first piece using watercolors. This piece will stress the connection between polynomiography and the organic form of the iris of an eye.
Week 2 (June 20-June 24):
At the beginning of this week, I completed my first piece and discussed some further design options with Dr. Kalantari. I also began two more paintings throughout the course of the week. The first painting focuses upon the abstract nature of polynomiographs and the integration of color. The second painting is modeled directly after a polynomiograph created by Dr. Kalantari. I hope to reconstruct the image in a different medium to heighten the expression of the piece.
Week 3 (June 27-July 1):
This week I continued work on my third painting. After experimenting with several different mediums and techniques, I decided to do an acrylic painting on canvas. The design will still be modeled after a polynomiograph, but the work itself will be expressed as an abstract contemporary piece. Throughout this week, I also monitored a course on polynomiography taught by Dr. Kalantari. The course provides an introduction to polynomiography for high school students.
Week 4 (July 4-July 8):
This week I completed my third painting and began the design process for my fourth piece. I have decided to continue using acrylics on canvas. I also continued to monitor the polynomiography course this week and gave a brief lecture to the students earlier in the week. The lecture focused upon the elements and principles of design and how to translate these ideas to polynomiography.
Week 5 (July 11-July 15):
This week I worked on a graphic design based upon one of my earlier sketches. The sketch was initially done in pencil and was a representation of an eye with a polynomiograph incorporated into the iris. I modified the sketch to include color and increased the level of contrast. I also gave my final presentation this week.
Week 6 (July 18-July 22):
During the final week, I had one last meeting with my mentor to discuss future plans. I also completed my final report which included a summary of all the works I have completed during the summer.