**Welcome to my Place**

Name: Alma Cabral Reynoso
Project Title: Analysis of Hudson River Food Web and Competition Graphs
Mentor: Dr. Urmi Gosh-Dastidar
Project Partner: Steven Lora


I arrived at the facilities Tuesday May 31th in the evening and got settled into my new residence apartment. For the next days I attended the program's orientation and following this one I met with my mentors Dr. Eugene Fiorini and Dr. Urmi Gosh-dastidar to hear both of the project and work descriptions. I got some readings on Graph Theory and have been going through some Python tutorials as well. Python will be used for the optimization and analysis of the data. Some of the time was also spent building my introductory presentation which was presented on Tuesday June 07th and learning how to build my first website in HTML.

"The person who says it can't be done is usually interrupted by the person doing it" -Blake Lexington

" Don't learn to do, but learn in doing"-Samuel Butler

Please stay posted
I am still learning :)
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