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About My Project

Here is some description of the project. It is a good project for many reasons. My mentor has worked on this project before, and it is applicable to etc. etc.

The goal of the summer research project is to do X, Y, and maybe even Z. To accomplish this, I will be using method A, technique T, and nonprinciple ultrafilter U.

Research Log

Week 1

This week I read about many new things for my project, including an important paper by Smith & Jones. We were also very busy with move-in and orientation, so I hope next week I can do more research.

Week 2

This week, I wrote a program to simulate the model we are designing. It doesn't work right, but we have found the errors and I will be correcting them next week. I also read more papers, and I spent alot of time on a paper describing matrix methods in modeling.

My mentor has also introduced me to a different, but related, problem that involves tiling the plane with strange polygons. I will read for this over the weekend if I have a chance.

Week 3

References & Links

Here are the papers I have read for my project:
  1. Classification of hyperbolic Dynkin diagrams, root lengths and Weyl group orbits, Carbone et. al. - ArXiv.
  2. Some two color, four variable Rado numbers, Robertson & Myers - MathSciNet.
  3. An extremal characterization of the incidence graphs of projective planes, Fiorini & Lazebnik - Acta Applicandae Mathematicae.
Here are my mentor's two websites, and the REU website: