DIMACS/Math Research Experiences for Undergraduates 2007

REU Final Presentations
CoRE 301

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
CoRE 301
1pm - 4pm
Continuations and Such
Adam Pantel, Rutgers University
Mentors: Simon Thomas, János Komlós
Towards a Positive Rule for the Equivariant Cohomology of Lagrangian Grassmanians
Matthew Samuel, Rutgers University
Charles Siegel, Rutgers University
Mentor: Anders Buch
Discussion of Hilbert's 19th Problem and Solution
Jordan Ledvina, Rutgers University
Mentor: Eduardo Teixeira
Limiting Free Boundary Problems: The One-Dimensional Profile
Jeremy Engel, Rutgers University
Mentor: Eduardo Teixeira
Standard Affine Lie Algebra Modules, Vertex Operator Algebras, and the Function (H,x)
Chris Sadowski, Rutgers University
Mentors: Bill Cook, Yi-Zhi Huang
Type I and Type II Error Rates for Factor Analysis Applied to Data from the Latent Class Model
James Long, Columbia University
Mentor: John Kolassa
Streaming Entropy Computation
Justin Thaler, Yale University
Mentors: S. Muthukrishnan, Graham Cormode
Picking Teams of Warfighters: Beyond the Playground
Nicole Scholtz, Denison University
Mentor: Nina Fefferman
Modeling the Spread of Respiratory Disease in a New Jersey State Prison
Anne Eaton, Grinnell College
Johanna Tam, California State Polytechnic University
Mentor: Nina Fefferman
Passing the Buck of Sick Children: A Game
Barton Willage, Beloit College
Mentor: Nina Fefferman
Optimization of Sequencing and Threshold Levels of Detection Systems
Tsvetan Asamov, Kenyon College
Mentors: E.A. Elsayed, Ming Xie

Thursday, July 19, 2007
CoRE 301

10am-11:30am Lafayette REU presentations

12pm-1pm Panel on Graduate School
Dr. Eric Allender, Rutgers Computer Science
Dr. Dave Shanno, Rutcor
Dr. Chuck Weibel, Rutgers Mathematics

1:15pm-4pm DIMACS REU presentations
Privacy-preserving distributed data mining of hybrid fragmented data
Aleksandar Nikolov, Saint Peter's College
Mentor: William Pottenger
6-critical graphs in the Klein bottle
Jan Kynčl, Charles University
Bernard Lidický, Charles University
Dan Kral, Charles University
Mentors: Eric Allender, Mike Saks, Van Vu
Logspace and st-reachability
Jan Kynčl, Charles University
Marek Sterzik, Charles University
Tomáš Vyskočil, Charles University
Mentors: Eric Allender, Mike Saks, Van Vu
Generating New Potential Functions for DNA Base-Pair Steps
Mario De Franco, Princeton University
Mentor: Wilma Olson
Determining Common Authorship Among Documents
Paul Bonamy, Lake Superior State University
Mentor: Paul Kantor
Classification of Epileptic Brain Activity
Latoya Clay, Clark Atlanta University
Mentor: Art Chaovalitwongse
An Algorithm for Functional siRNA Detection
Liyang Diao, Wake Forest University
Mentor: Stanley Dunn
Requirements for Bistability in Particular Enzyme Driven Reaction Networks
Allen Stewart, Humboldt State University
Mentor: Stanley Dunn