Chris Burrows: Animations in LINK

LINK is a software system for research and education in discrete mathematics. Its design and development has spanned several years and has been distributed across several universities, as well as Los Alamos National Laboratory, and DIMACS. One of the most useful features of LINK is an algorithm animation controller designed to allow students and researchers to visualize graph and hypergraph algorithms.

This REU project will focus on extending the library of available animations. Some examples of algorithms which need animations include, but are not limited to: variations of network flow algorithms, matching, topological sorting, transitive closure, and graph partitioning. Although LINK already provides a flexible C++ library of graph objects, a scheme environment for interpretive manipulation of these objects, and a good graphical interface, designing and implementing animations for graph algorithms is a challenging problem. The project will involve finding good implementations of algorithms; C++ programming to implement algorithms using LINK's object libraries (and/or to adapt existing algorithms code); as well as using visualization and imagination to create effective computer animations.

See LINK for additional information and to download LINK software.

REU Researcher: Chris Burrows, Trenton State University
Mentor: Jon Berry, DIMACS (Currently at Elon College),

Last modified September 10, 1996.